NVPM has a first come, first serve process when it comes to our upcoming properties.
It is common for people after the #campfire to put down holding deposits before seeing the home. Please note that when you put down your $500 holding deposit site unseen, there is no backing out without potentially losing your holding deposit. Please make sure the home is right for you and you read our qualifications page before putting down a deposit.

Process for Taking Home Off of the Market:

    1. 1. After viewing the property, please call (530) 566-9223 ext 10 or text us at (530) 864-5684 to schedule an appointment to bring in a $500 cashier’s check or money order. We will hold the home for 30 minutes after your call or text. If you are doing a sight unseen to hold a home, please do the same. Please note we cannot hold a home longer than the ready date.

    2. Bring a $500 money order or cashier’s check with you to the office appointment made out to NVPM (no personal checks or cash please)

    3. Fill out Welcome letter and holding deposit forms at appointment (Takes 10 minutes)

    4. Provide 1 month pay stubs, financial aid, or bank information (which will be uploaded along with your application).

    5. After your appointment, you will have 24 hours to complete ALL apps once you receive the online link.

    6. Provide all necessary info and proof of income via your online app or through our 24 door drop slot.

    If you are not approved, you will receive your holding deposit back. If approved, you will just set up a time to get keys and sign your digital walk through on move in day with a 5 day rebuttal.

    1288 E 1st Avenue ste 120
    530 566-9223 or text 530 864-5684