Are your Property Managers licensed?

Yes, our Property Managers are licensed Realtors® / Brokers in the state they do business. Dedicated to property management, our Property Managers are also active members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®).

Can I refer my friends to you for property management services?+

Of course, and thank you for asking. Anyone interested in our services can call our office at (530) 566-9223 or contact us here.

Can I use your services if I already have an agent listing my home for sale?+

NVPM respects the Law of Agency and will work side by side with your Realtor. If a Resident is found before a Buyer is found, then you simply remove your listing from the sales market. If your Realtor finds a Buyer before a Resident is found, then you simply send us a copy of your contract and you can terminate without paying the full contract termination penalty.

Do you have a pet or smoking policy for properties that you manage?+

It is recommended that a property owner be pet friendly where possible. Our standard pet fee to charge the tenant is $500 per pet for up to two (2) pets. Please note that by not accepting or considering pets you may be limiting your rental audience. Dog breeds considered aggressive are restricted. No smoking is allowed at any of our managed properties.

How do I sign up for property management services?+

Get started by calling us at (530) 566-9223 or email us

How do you handle property maintenance?+

Our in-house maintenance department dispatches service vendors for routine maintenance. Maintenance dispatchers are on call during after-hours, weekends and holidays for maintenance emergencies.

How do you screen and select rental applicants?+

Tenant applications are processed electronically and include credit, past rental history, and income verification. Our scoring and tenant recommendation policies are at the higher end to help ensure a quality resident. Are system is set up to ultimately accept or decline prospective tenants.

How do you show the properties you manage?+

We require all showings to be Agent assisted. No property access is granted unless the prospective resident is accompanied by a licensed Agent.

How will you advertise my property?+

We advertise listings aggressively online through our website, Keywords via YP and Google, Craigslist, Signage and of course our website which averages 30,000 hits a month during prime months.

I would like to manage my property myself. Can you help me find a tenant?+

Yes, we call this our “One Time Lease Up” service option. We will find a well-qualified resident, prepare the lease between you and the resident, collect the first month’s rent and collect the security deposit. We then turn the lease and security deposit over to you and you assume management responsibilities for the lease term.

Should I rent or sell my home?+

This is a popular discussion point in our given economy. If you are undecided on renting versus selling then consider this scenario: Why not market your home for sale and rent at the same time? Park Avenue Properties has the resources and relationships with top producing Realtors to help you market your home for sale while searching for a well-qualified tenant at the same time. We will refer you to a top producer at no charge to you to ensure you have the absolute best resources to assist you in your real estate needs. When the best first option, Buyer or Renter, comes along then simply terminate the other option.

What fees will you charge me?+

For our Turn-Key service option, the following applies:
There are no hidden fees or monies due upfront. If your property is rented within 1 – 60 days of listing the rate is 10%, 60 – 120 days the rate is 9%, 121 days or longer the rate is 8%. Discounted monthly rates are offered at the following: (a) Clients with 2 or 3 properties start at a rate of 9% (not 10%) per month which can respectively decrease to 8% per month if the vacancy time exceeds 121 days or longer for a specific property. (b) Clients with 4 properties or more receive a flat rate of 8% per month.

For “One Time Lease Up” service:
½ the full first months’ rent with a minimum fee base at $500

What services are provided in the Turn-Key Property Management service option?+

Finding and screening a qualified tenant, preparing and executing the lease, performing pre and post move-in inspections, collecting rent, collecting and holding the security deposit, disbursing monies to the owner, handling all maintenance issues, paying bills, evicting (if necessary & fees not incl.), and responding to any and all tenant / 3rd party issues.

When and how do you disburse payments to homeowners/landlords?+

All rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th. This said, property owners are paid after rent is collected, cleared and Fees/charges deducted. The 15th of that month is generally when you will receive your electronic ACH deposit depending on weekends and holidays. A monthly statement will be posted to the online owner portal and will include all income, expenses and owner draws collected and disbursed during the month. Owner draw payments are disbursed via direct deposit to a checking or savings account of your choosing. There is no additional charge to our homeowners for this service.

Where do you manage properties?+

Our general rule of thumb is that we manage properties in Chico and a little outside of it