“Not only were the premises always professionally maintained, but the property was always managed in such a way as to promote a real sense of community among residents.”

David McKay, Previous Resident

“The attention to detail and efficiency in dealing with our needs define their property management style.”

The Willards, Previous Residents

“As an off-site property manager, NVPM provided us with competency and concern for our park. They were responsible in hiring our current on-site managers whom we are very pleased with. We would recommend NVPM as a property management company.”

Rick & Kathleen Bowling, Owners of Chico Mobile Country Club

“I would also like to take a moment to thank you for a job well done as for as keeping my property on 1st ave rented and kept up.”

P. Crane, Owner

“Thank you for allowing for a clean solution to an ugly mess. I know our entire tenancy was a logistical nightmare and hassle for all of you in the office and I would like to thank you for your cooperation. I really appreciate everything and will highly recommend.”

Andrew J., Former Resident

“You do such a great job managing our property that I wanted to give you all a proper thank you!”

M. Durham, Owner

“I’m sure my mom never got around to sending you a message, but she was saying how thankful she is for you guys! We are so happy with your company and feel you’ve made our lives a little easier and less stressful! Thank you for everything and we appreciate that your staff is honest and realistic when it comes to problem solving.”

Erika K., Owner

“It was clear when this tragedy happened that the only way the boys to move on, was to move out. You guys made it happen for them. I hope you know just how meaningful it was and how much we appreciate the work you did to accomplish it-Thank you!”

Previous Residents at Parkway Village

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping me out on the rental. You have been such a life saver. I owe you big!”

Shauno O., Owner

“I appreciate your instincts and professionalism. Thanks for handling the appliance situation so well and the turnover also!”

Gary M., Owner

“Thanks so much for your patience and professionalism in handling John’s property. All of you deserve happy hour real soon!”

Kathy & Steve H., Owners

“Hello NVPM Team, We just wanted to say hi and let you know we love living here! Hope you guys are having a wonderful spring! PS thank you so much for getting that plumber over here so fast to fix our sink and bath tub. He was really friendly.”

The Simmons, Residents

“NVPM staff, Thank you for your excellent service in caring for our properties! Enjoy the wine!”

Joanne & Jenna S., Owners

“I have been a resident in Chico for 5 years, of two were spent renting from NVPM. I hold no reservations to say that they have been the most helpful, honest, loyal, professional, and personable property management that I have experienced. If I was not moving to San Francisco then I would still be their customer. I am sincerely thankful for the ease in which they have made every transaction (lease signing, house searching, deposit/deposit return, and so on) It’s been a pleasure!”

Jennifer D., Resident

“I wanted to let you know how pleasant it is to talk to Alyssa on the phone. My wife and I have been happy with everything about NVPM and we appreciate all the help everyone has given us!”

G. Arnet, Owner